Date: Thursday, September 23, 2021 - 19:30

Free event

Warp Rays - Young three piece rock band, lead vocals are very smooth, harmonies also great, reverb soaked rock n roll trio with a mariachi feel, possible nod to Pixies in places, also shades of Gallon Drunk....

The Blams - Nirvana and Sound Garden certainly resonate here, a bit more low key and moody perhaps but a very Kirt tinged vocal and some very sassy indie grunge sounds. The great thing about these here Blams is their tunes are very singalongable.

Dirty Viv - the glam trash end of punk and a wee bit of cross dressing - whats not to L-U-V ... playing drrrty poppy rocknroll, like the Cramps, Stooges,, NYDolls, Blondie,. Have a 5 (cont em) singles played on BBC 6 Music.