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Saturday 8th June 2019 - 7pm - 11.30pm

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It's The Stoke Newington Literary Festival and we have a wonderful line up for you.

Nicholas Lezard has been writing the “Down and Out” column for the New Statesman for over ten years now. A selection of his columns, Bitter Experience Has Taught Me, was described in the Spectator as “the bastard offspring of a previously unsuspected union between P.G. Wodehouse and Samuel Beckett”, which he’ll settle for. He will be reading from his forthcoming selection, It Gets Worse, to be published later this year by Salt Editions, and answering audience questions, like “why aren’t you in prison?” and “do you really drink that much?”

Jiz is a duo formed by Isabelle Saphiron and John Gosling of Psychic TV, Zos Kia, Mekon and Agent Provocateur. Their work is a cry of ancient dissatisfaction at the liberty no being ever had the courage to indulge in. Reshaping human life's sardonic drama into an out of focus paradox they mutilate the intrigue, the muse becoming the creator and the creator becoming the artwork.
Through whatever medium comes in hand they try to seduce the mundane and reconstruct it into something fascinating

Lynn Ruth Miller: I NEVER SAID I WAS NICE. The oldest female stand up in the business (RIP Joan Rivers), Lynn Ruth Miller is 85 years old. She has been there, done it all and can still make you laugh about it. Nothing scares her anymore. Not even you.

Oh Standfast: A genuinely surreal routine, packed with odd ideas.

Mark Gilfillan aka The Stokey Bard, is a performance and otherwise poet. Originally from Sheffield, Mark has lived in London for nearly thirty years. He performs mostly in the London area but has appeared at The Edinburgh Free Fringe and in Las Vegas. Mark enjoys writing haiku and romantic poetry, and has had work published in various anthologies. He is the author of Ballistic Kisses and, most recently, Ghost Moon (Alba Publishing, 2017). See

Andrew James Brown: A poet, public intellectual and national treasure in waiting.

Fran Isherwood: Poet with a comedic bent (The Doctor says it's a bit like Housemaid's Knee).

Music from Django Hammond

In between sets, pianist John Cooper will regale us with London drinking songs. Feel free to sing along..

Then dancing to a fab DJ from 11pm till 3am.



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