Thursday 30th May 2019 - 7pm - 11pm

obscurity of poets 0519

Poets are the "unacknowledged legislators of the world" according to Percy Byshee Shelley. But it's not just as legislators, so much as in general that they're unacknowledged.

Come along to the fantastic Mascara Bar to help redress that at An Obscurity of Poets, the night that puts poetry and poetics first. Hosted by poet, storyteller and self-proclaimed public intellectual, Andrew James Brown.

Come along and enjoy the wit and wisdom of our fabulous feature acts, or share some words of your own on the open mic, with sign up from 19:00.


Cheryl McLennan:

Cheryl McLennan is a writer and an amusing muddle of musings. Her subject matterranges from annoying tea drinkers to her mother's muff and beyond. All this whist sucking on a sticky lemon sherbert. Be warned.

Adelaide Banks:

Fantastic poetry from the wonderful Adelaide Banks.

There'll also be a fantastic quiz with even more fantastic prizes to be won!

And best of all, it's all free and in a fabulous location.



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